A Packing List and Tips for the Inca Trail

Inca Trail Staff

If you are reading this blog, then chances are that you have already booked the Inca trail tour package With Sun Gate Tours and are now all pumped up for your trip. While the excitement and adrenaline are all very understandable, do not let this anticipation cloud your ability to think rationally.

It is important that you prepare right and pack the right things for your trip. Carrying a light is the key to successful trekking; however, there are other essentials that are necessary to pack as well. The bottom line is that every item in your bag matters; so, make it count!

For all the first-time trekkers looking forward to their Inca Tour Holidays, we have prepared a packing list and tips just for you. Here it goes:

Things to Pack:


Despite the obvious comfortable hiking sportswear, it is important that you also pack something for the nightlife of Cusco.

Sleeping Paraphernalia:

Never forget to pack a small, foldable blanket for yourself. It almost always gets cold at night and you do not want to catch a cold on your trip. Thus, the Sleeping bag makes the list without a question.


You need to pack a pair of good hiking shoes and flip flops and Teva sandals or something equally comfortable for the evenings.

First Aid Kit:

No matter how careful and responsible you are, you never know when a need for a first aid kid might present itself. So always bring one to all your trips. Also, pack all your prescribed medicines and antibiotics.


You do not want to have close encounters with the insect life of Inca. So, bring repellants with you just to be on the safe side. Sunscreen is a must too if you don’t want to get sunburnt.

Raining Attire:

Peru is known for its pouring rain. So better pack your rain jackets and rain boots.

Tips for Inca Trail Trekking:

Here are a few tips for trail trekking in Inca:

  • Before going directly to the high grounds, make sure you stay in Cusco for a couple of hours to get accustomed to the air.
  • Do not bring new hiking shoes on your trip. Make sure they are broken into.
  • It is much preferable if you bring your rain poncho instead of the jacket because it continues to rain for a while and might get your things wet. Ponchos might look funny but at least it keeps you dry.

You can make your trip even more memorable by inviting your friends and family along. Did you know, you can even plan your own trip with Sun Gate Tours? So stop thinking and begin living! Facebook.