Sun Gate Tours Logo Should you Opt for an Escorted Tour to Peru

Should you Option for an Escorted Tour to Peru?

When you decide to travel to Peru, the question about traveling independently or hiring a guide arises. The type of tour depends on the kind of traveler you want to be and how you are envisioning your escapade. However, a myriad of independent travelers is opting for an escorted tour to escape the troubles of planning the trip and putting everything in order. The preference for more leisure time, smaller groups, and a matchless experience has made escorted tours widely popular and acceptable. Read More “Should you Option for an Escorted Tour to Peru?”

Peru Vacations are Best Planned around the Celebrations

Peru Vacations are Best Planned around the Celebrations in Lima

Lima is the capital of the beautiful country of Peru and is swarmed with travelers planning to visit Peru for a vacation. Being the commercial hub of the country. It is the center of activities and has arranged for the tourists to be entertained while they are in Lima. This vibrant city offers traditional ways of life in conjunction with contemporary customs and this blend provides a wonderful sight of the metropolis city. There are some special times in the year when you should definitely visit this place during your vacation in Peru. Here are some of these special festivals so you can plan your trip around them. Read More “Peru Vacations are Best Planned around the Celebrations in Lima”


Festivities in Peru That You Shouldn’t Miss

One of the most original ways to learn about a new country is by interacting with it through its culture. Celebrating its unique festivals and devouring the local food. The festivals offer a great insight into the local traditions and customs of the area and how the natives enjoy their special occasions. The special food that is prepared for the special festivals brings life into the event. These festivals also help discover the beliefs and values that are rooted deep into the culture. Some of the most popular travel agencies offer special travel packages to Peru. Planned around the time of these great Peruvian festivals. Read More “Festivities in Peru That You Shouldn’t Miss”

Inca Trail Trekkers

Fun Along The Trail Leading To Machu Picchu

Trekking enthusiasts travel from every corner of the world to Peru with the intention of walking the Inca trail which unquestionably is the most renowned trek in the entire continent of South America. The trail in enclosed by beautiful scenery and the ruins that attract tourists. You have to visit this place to be mesmerized by its magic. The journey starts from a destination called Kilometer 88. After crossing the narrow Kusicancha Bridge, you can camp at either Llullucha or Wayllabamba for the night. Read More “Fun Along The Trail Leading To Machu Picchu”

Packing Intelligently for a Hiking Trip in Peru

Packing Intelligently for a Hiking Trip in Peru is an adventurous expedition yearned by many young and adult trekkers alike. If you are one of them and desire to visit this exotic place then there are a few things that need to be kept in mind during the packing phase. You should pack the most important things you will need in abundance so you don’t run out while on the trip. Some of the essentials might not be available on the trip, so it’s always better to pack wisely. However, due to the restrictions by the Peruvian government about the weight limit allowed to be carried by the porters that would be with you on the trip, it becomes a rather difficult task to pack prudently and not be caught with any difficulties thousands of miles away from your home. Read More “Packing Intelligently for a Hiking Trip in Peru”