Protect Children Policy

Commitment to Child Safety:
Sun Gate Tours' Sustainable Travel Policy


At Sun Gate Tours, safeguarding children is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism in Peru. We firmly believe that tourism should never be a channel for the sexual exploitation of children. In alignment with our dedication to ethical travel, we actively enforce a Child Safeguarding Policy, ensuring the protection and safety of children and adolescents in all our travel destinations.

Our stance is clear: any act that could contribute to the sexual exploitation of minors is strictly prohibited and against our core values. By choosing Sun Gate Tours, you are traveling with a company that not only respects the laws but also places the utmost importance on the well-being of local communities, especially its younger members.

Join us in promoting responsible travel and protecting children. Explore Peru with Sun Gate Tours, where every journey upholds our commitment to ethical and sustainable tourism.

Our politics

Sun Gate Tours, according to the policy of the Peruvian government and the appropriate legal requirements for the protection of minors from sexual exploitation, commit themselves to:


Do not promote the sexual tourism of children and adolescents by designing our tour packages and selecting and evaluating responsible suppliers. Also within the criteria of disqualification of providers is to support the exploitation of human beings, especially sexual exploitation, mainly when it affects children and adolescents.

To sensitize and train our collaborators in preventing the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Inform our clients and providers about our policy to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Condemn and report to the competent authorities any act of sexual exploitation or abuse against children and adolescents of which we are aware.

Prohibit and refuse to allow our employees and suppliers (guides, cooks, drivers) to distribute pornographic material to children and adolescents.

Prohibit through our company’s social networks to use and dissemination illegal material to children and adolescents.

Implement measures that prevent our collaborators offer tourist orientation or promoting sexual contact with children and adolescents.

Disseminate information to our clients about the existence of legislation against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

Show in a public place, whether digital or printed, our policy of preventing sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.


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