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Sun Gate Tours' Booking Terms

At Sun Gate Tours, we are dedicated to ensuring your Peruvian adventure is not only unforgettable but also smooth and secure. We encourage you to carefully review our Booking Terms and Conditions, designed to provide clarity and understanding for a hassle-free travel experience.

Our terms are tailored to support your needs, covering unique, authentic experiences, safe travels, and non-traditional itineraries in small, private groups. We pride ourselves on offering super personalized services, committed to sustainable and purpose-driven travel. These conditions are crafted to protect both your interests and our commitment to high-quality service.

Ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime to Peru? Ensure a successful trip by understanding our terms. Dive into our Booking Conditions now and take the first step towards a meticulously planned and memorable travel experience with Sun Gate Tours.

The contract is between Sun Gate Tours (we/us) and the Client, including all persons named on the booking form. 


The person signing the reservation form has the power to bind all people whose names appear on it and agrees to these terms and conditions on their behalf.

Sun Gate Tours reserves the right to increase the tour cost to take into account the following items: Government action, Currency fluctuations, transportation costs (including the cost of fuel), food increases, airport charges, and an increase in scheduled air fares or any other increase that is beyond our control. All prices are United States Dollar based.


Should any price increase, Sun Gate Tours will absorb the price increase only if the price increase is less than 4% of the total package price. If the increase is more than 4%, the client will be surcharged 100% of the difference from the original price. 

  • A deposit of US$ 300 per person is required to confirm a booking (non-refundable deposit).
  • All flights (domestic and international) must be paid 100% in advance to secure spaces.
  • Cruise bookings are subject to particular deposit policies depending on the boat.
  • Full payment is due if a booking is made 60 days or less before departure.
  • Full payment or balance must be paid 60 – 45 days before the trip departure date.
  • As soon as we receive the full payment, we will send the client an e-mail confirming the booking.
  • Full payment is due if a booking is made 60 days or less before departure.
  • If full payment or the balance is not paid on or before the due date, we reserve the right to treat the booking as canceled.

Any cancellation by a Client must be made in writing and be acknowledged by Sun Gate Tours writing. The date on which the request to cancel is received by Sun Gate Tours or its Travel Consultants will determine the cancellation fees applicable.

a) Seventy days or more days prior to departure, non-refundable deposit.

b) 69-31 days; we will retain – 40% of the trip cost.

c) 30-16 days; we will retain – 70% of the trip cost.

d) We will retain – 100% of the trip cost of fifteen days or less.

Special Notes

  • Payments or deposits for flight bookings are refundable according to the terms and conditions of the airline.
  • In case of postponing the trip, an administration fee of 20% of the trip price will be charged, plus the amount already spent on non-refundable subcontracted services. The remaining amount may be used toward future travel with Sun Gate Tours.
  • No refund will be made if the client voluntarily leaves a trip for any reason after the trip has begun. Refunds will be at the discretion of Sun Gate Tours if the client is involuntarily forced to leave a trip for any reason. No refunds will be made for accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals, or unused services.
  • It is strongly recommended that full insurance is taken out, which includes cover, under certain circumstances, against the loss of deposit or cancellation charges.
  • For Sun Gate Tours to confirm and guarantee the client’s travel arrangements, the client must provide all Client Details with their full payment.
  • If the Client does not provide all details 60 days or more before departure, an Administrative Fee will be charged to the client.
  • If Sun Gate Tours has not received client details 30 days before the client’s trip departure, Sun Gate Tours reserves the right to treat the file as canceled, and total cancellation fees will apply. Client details will vary tour by tour and will be advised during the booking process. However, at a minimum, Client Details include passport number, passport expiry date, full name as it appears in the passport you are traveling with, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, and arrival details (or other documents as requested by Sun Gate Tours). A booking may not be confirmed without the provision of Client Details.
  1. Sun Gate Tours will do its best to operate all tours as described, but by signing this contract, the customer understands that changes may be made to the itinerary or the things covered on the trip if doing so would be necessary or beneficial in light of the client’s current situation.
  2. Unforeseen and extraordinary situations outside the company’s control had unavoidable effects. The firm will limit outside influences. Political conflicts, border closures, visa refusals, industrial action, delayed flights, unpredictable climate, strikes, war, civil disturbances, natural catastrophes, government actions, technical problems, or acts of God are not covered. Sun Gate Tours reserves the right at any time to cancel or change any of the facilities, services, or prices (including flights, accommodation, or other arrangements) and to substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value and no monetary compensation or money refund; and accepts no liability for loss of enjoyment as a result of these changes. The client agrees to assume all extra costs derived from these factors.
  3. We are not liable for unexpected fees incurred because of the client reservations, such as visas, vaccines, or non-refundable flights.

a) Credit Card

We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Diners Club; through this payment method, we do not charge any commission.

b) Wire Transfer

The client can directly transfer funds to our banking account. The client needs to add a US$ 50 admin fee to the amount sent.

Transfers take 1 to 3 days, depending on where the transfer is made.


We accept PayPal payments; PayPal charges a 5% fee. (Example: $100 + 5% PayPal fee = US$105.)

  1. For any itinerary changes made by the client after obtaining a confirmed Travel Invoice from Sun Gate Tours, the customer will be charged US$ 40 in addition to any expenses or fees incurred or assessed by our suppliers as a consequence of the modification. While every attempt will be made to accommodate revisions and additional requests, we cannot guarantee their fulfillment.
  2. Changes need to be made by the client no later than 45 days before departure. If that is not the case, Sun Gate Tours reserves the right to accept or reject adjustments dependent on the availability of the tourist’s lodgings, tour guides, and transportation.
  3. The changes in reservations made 44 labor days before the trip departure will not be accepted.
  4. Any changes to the original booking must be confirmed by the person signing the booking form.

Suppose any member of the group is prevented from traveling. In that case, it may be possible to transfer the booking to another suitable person, provided that written notice is given at least 45 days prior to departure.


We charge US$ 50 for Administrative expenses, plus any costs imposed by Sun Gate Tours suppliers.


For Inca Trail changing any information such as dates, names, and passport number are impossible after we have purchased the permits. A permit is non-transferable/ nor refundable. The deposit will be forfeited. Please note that we do this because we are prohibited from re-selling the permit if somebody cancels.

During the booking process, the customer must inform Sun Gate Tours in writing of any medical conditions, pregnancy, handicap, or other mental and physical issues.


Failure to notify Sun Gate Tours may result in the client being refused travel.


Failure to inform Sun Gate Tours of such conditions will result in the customer being charged the total cancellation cost.


Some trips may be unsuitable for Clients due to age, mobility, disability, pregnancy, or physical or mental conditions. It is the client’s responsibility to check prior to booking. Sun Gate Tours may refuse to carry pregnant women over 24 weeks or Clients with certain conditions. Sun Gate Tours is not required to provide exceptional facilities unless it has agreed to do so in writing. Sun Gate Tours will do its best to meet Clients’Clients’ special requests, including dietary, but such requests do not form part of the contract. Therefore Sun Gate Tours is not liable for not providing these requests. Medical facilities vary from country to country, and Sun Gate Tours makes no representations and gives no warranties concerning the standard of such treatment.


Traveling with Children


Clients aged 18 at the date of first travel are viewed as adults. An adult over the age of 18 must accompany every two children under the age of 18. The ratio of adults to children traveling together must be one adult per two children and two adults per four children (17 and under). The minimum age for Clients traveling on tours is 12 (for Family designated tours, the minimum age is 5). All inquiries concerning children are subject to review and approval by Sun Gate Tours, which reserves the right to restrict the number of travelers under 18 on tours.

The client must carry a valid passport throughout their journey to demonstrate visa permits, inoculations, and preventative medications as necessary by the tour location. Sun Gate Tours provides information in good faith but without liability.

  1. Clients must be in good physical and health condition to complete their chosen itinerary. Persons over 60 must obtain medical evidence of fitness to travel on the chosen itinerary.
  2. All passengers under 18 must travel with an adult.
  3. Suppose clients do not have the minimum physical conditions and health status. In that case, Sun Gate Tours reserves the absolute right to decline a booking at its discretion.
  4. Suppose the client’s health or behavior puts the itinerary’s safety or normal development at risk. In that case, Sun Gate Tours can separate the client from all or part of the tour. In case of ill health, Sun Gate Tours may make such arrangements as it sees fit and recovers the costs thereof from the client.

Everyone who participates in trips organized by Sun Gate Tours expects to abide by the laws and rules of the countries they visit. Any failure to do so will relieve Sun Gate Tours of all obligations they may otherwise have under these booking conditions.

Anyone with a physical or medical condition that requires medicine or special attention during the trip must disclose the fundamental nature of their ailment at the time of booking and make appropriate preparations.

Suppose the client fails to make such a disclosure. In that case, it will violate these booking conditions, resulting in immediate exclusion from the trip and the loss of any payments client already made.

Clients who cannot swim should make that fact known when booking if their desired vacation involves any boat-based excursion or transportation. Sun Gate Tours may take all necessary safeguards for the customer’s safety without canceling the excursion.

It is necessary to have Travel Insurance. Sun Gate Tours strongly recommends having Travel Insurance for all our travelers. The travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses, and emergency repatriation with a recommended minimum coverage of US$ 100,000 for each head of the cover. We also strongly recommend that it covers cancellation, curtailment, personal liability, loss of luggage, and personal effects. 


The clients must provide proof of travel insurance 15 days before trip departure.


Special Note


Suppose the clients do not consider it necessary or do not need travel insurance. In that case, they must sign an affidavit stating they do not need travel insurance. The client will be responsible if any inconvenience happens during the trip.

  1. Sun Gate Tours will use its best endeavors to ensure that all flight prices are correct at the booking time. Airlines reserve the right to amend or withdraw fares without prior notice.
  2. The airfare price is confirmed when the flight cost is paid in full, and the tickets are issued.
  3. Change of dates, routes, names, and others, will be made following the terms and conditions of the airlines.
  4. The client must check the tickets very carefully immediately upon receipt of the latest timings. Sun Gate Tours will endeavor to inform the client as soon as possible in the event of any flight alteration.
  5. Sun Gate Tours is not responsible for flight delays caused by weather, air traffic controllers, airport authorities, (local) governments, airline rescheduling, mechanical failure, strike, or industrial action.
  1. Clients agree to accept the authority and decisions of Sun Gate Tour’s staff, guides, tour leaders, and Travel Consultants while on tour with Sun Gate Tours. Suppose these people think that a client’s health or behavior before or after departure is likely to threaten a tour’s safety, comfort, or smooth progress. In that case, the client may be kicked off all or part of the tour.


  1. In the case of ill health, Sun Gate Tours may make arrangements as it sees fit and recovers the costs thereof from the client. If a client commits an illegal act, he/she may be excluded from the tour, and Sun Gate Tours shall cease to have a responsibility to/for them. Suppose the client is affected by a condition, medical or otherwise. In that case, that might affect other peoples’ enjoyment or active participation in the tour, the client must advise us at the time of booking.
  2. No refund will be given for any unused services. Clients must have a valid passport to show at checkpoints, and it is their responsibility to get a valid passport and a visa if needed. Any vaccination certificates they need for the whole trip.
  3. Information about these matters or related items (climate, clothing, baggage, etc.) is given in good faith. However, Sun Gate Tours cannot be held responsible for this information.
  1. Sun Gate Tours organizes by order and account of our travelers, with their names, transportation, accommodation, and other tourist services required, so we are not responsible in case of accidents, loss of belonging personal effects during the outsourcing of services such as: during the services of the Tour Guide, on the bus, in the hotels, in the restaurants, during hiking, in the camping, and others delays or interference with the tour, due to the strength of the main reasons that we have no direct responsibility.
  2. Sun Gate Tours is not responsible for sickness, maternity, or physical or mental impediments, which may risk the health or integrity of the traveler or third parties during the tour. We will not assume any claim or reimbursement for the reasons mentioned above.
  3. Sun Gate Tours will not pay any compensation if forced to cancel or change the trip due to war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, bad weather, epidemics, health risks, transportation technical, maintenance problems, closed or crowded airports, or similar events
  4. Sun Gate Tours will not accept responsibility for changes in flight schedule or departure airport, as this is the responsibility of the airline. However, we will Endeavour to minimize their effects on your journey. We cannot accept liability for any delays in any of your flights, whether the cancellation or delay is caused by adverse weather conditions, rescheduling of the airline, airport authority and/or action by air traffic controllers, mechanical breakdown, or industrial action. Where long flight delays result in lost holiday time, no refunds are given by hotels or suppliers. Similarly, airlines do not offer compensation for flight delays. However, at their discretion, carriers will Endeavour to reduce the inconvenience of any delay by providing meals and accommodation as appropriate for the time of day or night (dependent on local availability) if you incur payments for such services in the event of a delay.
  5. Sun Gate Tours will not accept responsibility for payment unless we have given our prior consent. We request the client to inform us, previous to the agreement of our services, about any limitation of this nature to recommend special services that contemplate the existing impediments.

Suppose the client has a complaint about any tour arrangements. In that case, the client must bring it to the tour leader or other staff of Sun Gate Tours at the time so that they may use their best endeavors to rectify the situation.


Only if Sun Gate Tours is made aware of any problems will there be the opportunity to put things right.


Complaining to Sun Gate Tours as a problem arises during the trip will allow us to remedy the situation or facilitate compensation. Should the problem remain unsolved, a complaint must be made in writing to Sun Gate Tours within 28 days of the completion of the holiday. To file a complaint or claim, click on and follow the instructions 

Sun Gate Tours is a Tour Operator accredited by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) under Sun Gate Tour Operator SAC.


Our company registration number (RUC) is 20491223147.

If we secure or take any image of the client during the tour, we have the right to use it in our advertising campaigns without any charges. We use this material to promote our trips, video shows, brochures, and the Internet. If the client has provided us with any writing feedback, that can also be used for promotional purposes.

Sun Gate Tours will use the personal information provided by our clients for making all travel arrangements. Also, we will have to pass it on to our suppliers and carriers to enable the operations of the services requested by the client. However, we will endeavor to protect the client information and use it for official purposes only, which is essential.


Please read our data protection policy


I have taken ample time to read the Booking Terms and Conditions. I have entirely understood all the clauses, and I provide my full consent to all of them.


Last update: July 01, 2022


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