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Your Privacy Matters: Sun Gate Tours' Commitment to Data Protection

At Sun Gate Tours, we prioritize your privacy and data security, adhering strictly to Peruvian legislation, including Law No. 29733, Personal Data Protection Law, and D.S No. 003-2013-JUS. As a reputable travel company renowned for safe, sustainable, and purposeful journeys, we understand the importance of confidentiality in every aspect of our services.

We ensure that your personal information, entrusted to us during your travel planning to Peru, is kept secure and private. Our comprehensive privacy policies are in place to safeguard your data, and we encourage you to review these policies along with our Frequently Asked Questions. This will affirm our dedication to respecting your privacy and demonstrate the careful measures we take in handling your personal information.

Trust in Sun Gate Tours for a secure and unforgettable travel experience in Peru. Review our privacy policies and start planning your journey with peace of mind. Your adventure with a responsible and law-abiding company awaits!

Data Protection Policy

Sun Gate Tours is aware of the security and privacy that business partners and customers demand. As such, the company treats all information you provide as confidential.

Please note that if you use our website or any of our services, you agree to the terms we have described herewith. If you have any issues with how we would use your information, please refrain from using any of our offered services.


Frequently Asked Questions

We require you to provide us with the personal information given below if you intend to use any of our services: name, age, phone number, address, email, evaluations, comments, destination, and so on. We need this information so that we can provide services that are tailored to what you require from us. This information also provides you with more information about trips, bookings, and other necessary details. Moreover, this information also assists us in:

  • Understanding your needs and determining eligibility for our services
  • Giving detailed information about our services or about those partners whom we believe you would be interested in
  • Providing you with ongoing services
  • Complying with the state laws
  • Conducting after-sales marketing

We also believe that you would want us to contact you and provide you with information on new services and benefits that you may find exciting and interesting. We will inform you of all of these on an occasional basis. We will deliver our brochures and marketing material directly to you via post, telephone, or other electronic means. Thus, the personal information you provide can also be used for this purpose.

Please note that we do not collect any information until you provide it. Thus, you can visit our website and browse the pages without giving us details about yourself.

We acquire your agreement with the following methods:

  • In writing through mail, fax, or email
  • Verbally which is recorded as a statement in your file along with the date and the initials of the staff member to whom you provided it
  • A third party, an example of which would be your travel agent
  • Companies that conduct market research and provide data so that we can use their support to enhance and promote our services and products. These include only the ones with which we have a signed contract.

We store your personal information in private databases hosted at secure addresses, preventing unauthorized access. The databases are protected with many tools, such as passwords, encryptions, and firewalls. Please bear in mind that no communications over the Internet are 100% secure, so we cannot guarantee security if this is how you would be providing us with your personal information.

We allow only authorized employees to access your personal information. Our staff has already been notified of the procedures and policies we follow. We prohibit any unauthorized access or disclosure of any information provided to us by our clients. We expect all our employees always to maintain confidentiality and be aware of it.

We share your credentials with our third-party suppliers and partners, such as guides, travel agents, hotel companies, equipment suppliers, insurance companies, credit processing companies, and other related organizations. These may be located in Canada or outside and are governed by privacy legislation affiliated with us and conduct services with our assent and acknowledgment. You must have already realized that we must provide them with some of your personal details so that your orders and bookings can be facilitated and we can provide you with the services you requested.

Please rest assured that Sun Gate Tours and all of its suppliers, connected firms, and business partners do not sell, trade, or lease any information about you or your travel plans to third parties. In case any of the assets that belong to us or any of your affiliated companies are sold. Your personal information is also automatically sold along with the assets.

More Details

Suppose you want any more information about our security and privacy policies. In that case, you can contact us anytime that suits you. You can also send us an email at, or you can give us a call. Our complete contact details are mentioned at the end of this page.

Last Updated: October 2022


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