Packing Intelligently for a Hiking Trip in Peru

Packing Intelligently for a Hiking Trip in Peru is an adventurous expedition yearned by many young and adult trekkers alike. If you are one of them and desire to visit this exotic place then there are a few things that need to be kept in mind during the packing phase. You should pack the most important things you will need in abundance so you don’t run out while on the trip. Some of the essentials might not be available on the trip, so it’s always better to pack wisely. However, due to the restrictions by the Peruvian government about the weight limit allowed to be carried by the porters that would be with you on the trip, it becomes a rather difficult task to pack prudently and not be caught with any difficulties thousands of miles away from your home.

Packing Intelligently for a Hiking

Good Boots for Hiking

This is an absolute must for a Peru hiking trip. While it is important for the boots to be sturdy, it is equally important that you feel comfortable wearing them. The weather on the Inca Trail makes it wet and slippery at times and the path is also uneven; therefore, your boots must be able to provide good traction strides and ankle assistance. Break into the boots by wearing them for a short period before you set out for the trekking adventure. Carry along extra pairs of socks and also some lightweight flip-flops that you can change into at the campsite.

Appropriate Clothing

Temperatures in the hiking region can vary tremendously and you need to be well-prepared to face the variations. While it may be a high temperature in the morning, it can fall below freezing temperature with the escalation to the peaks. Synthetic fibers help keep your body moisture-free, so pack clothes of this kind. Include rain jackets and wind-breaking jackets in your daypack. Also, add some clothes that can easily be layered with the variation of the temperature.

Protection from the Sun

A good sunscreen needs to be with you at all times during the trekking in addition to a sun hat. Getting sunburned in cloudy weather is also possible, so you should always be wearing sunscreen when you are directly exposed to sunlight. Remember to reapply frequently.

Personal Items

While you are out in the open all day, always keep a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated. There are other very essential survival items that you must have on your hiking trip. Water purification tablets, a torch or a flashlight for navigating in obscure areas, separate bags for wet and dirty laundry, and some energy bars to keep your energy levels high, are a must-have on the trip.

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