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Why is important to choose a certified Tour Agency in Cusco

What conditions should you consider while choosing a tour agency? Choosing the right agency is key when you decide to visit a site. Some of the worst travel experiences come not from the destination, but from the agency’s service. Do yourself a favor and choose quality over price. Especially, if you are coming from miles away expecting to visit fascinating tourist attractions. Please, don’t ruin your trip by choosing any agency that doesn’t match your expectations. Next, we tell you how to identify the right agency and what’s the bare minimum you can expect from tour agencies.

Visiting Cusco right at this time of the year is more affordable; therefore, choosing a quality service won’t be impossible for you.

Working Air Conditioning on Buses

If you read our previous posts on what to bring to Rainbow Mountain and the things you don’t know about it, you know Cusco is cold. That’s why you have to ask agencies for heating on buses. Most people who have been to too high destinations in Peru complain about the transport up to the destination. This is a result of, unfortunately, having chosen a low-cost agency that doesn’t care about tourists’ comfort. As a result, they reach the site unrested, mad and disappointed. Even if you are heading to a destination with hot temperatures, please, check this item before booking with an agency.

First Aid Kit

This is the basic bare minimum item that you can expect from an agency. It’s even required on technical inspections of vehicles. If you don’t check they have a kit with the following essentials, consider looking for another agency:

  • Compression wrap
  • Antibiotic and analgesic ointment
  • Tweezers
  • Antihistamine tablets
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Band-aids
  • Eyewash

The truth is trips to Rainbow Mountain are adventure trips and accidents are a possibility. Even if you accidentally cut your finger with a sharp rock or if you fall and need assistance to keep walking. In any case, Rainbow Mountain is not a trail hard to hike, but it’s necessary you choose an agency that guarantees your safety.

Pulse Oximeter

This item might not be a must for tour agencies, but it definitely ensures a safe trip for tourists. Why? Because most of them are not aware of their own vital signs. What would happen if your blood pressure is high once you get off the bus? Or if, as you trek, it started rising? Probably, your trip would end up in a hospital. A pulse oximeter and the measure of vital signs at begging, during, and the end of the trip are key when it comes to preventing unnecessary adversities.

Oxygen Tank

This is an item probably not most agencies have, and it will be important or not for you depending on your personal background. However, if you have the chance to book with an agency that provides this tank, do it! Some tourists enjoy trekking and are kind of experienced, others are amazed by Raining Mountain and take the trek just to see it by themselves. Considering the elevation of these hills, the physical endurance required, and the weather conditions… it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to carry an oxygen tank. Actually, you don’t have to carry one, the tourist guide’s assistant does it. Almost 45% of the tourists who travel with us have used it! Choose your tour agency carefully.

Bilingual Tour Guides

Of course! Imagine trying to explain in a language you aren’t very fluent in the guide any need you have, unsuccessfully. Maybe you only need a picture and you could ask someone else. But, what if you needed first aid help during the trek up to the top of the mountain? Or if you need clarification about the tour itself? There is nothing like the certainty that you will be heard. That’s why you should check the availability of guides fluent in English. In our team, we work with high-mountain guides fluent in both Spanish and English.

Remember the destination might be great, but not being able to communicate your needs, desires, or doubts can affect the quality of your trip.

Satellite Phones, Food Services, and Blankets

Yes, please! All of these items might sound non-essential or important to you, right? But you must have into account that phone and internet services might not work at the height of the mountain. Leaving the height aside, imagine the impact of weather conditions on the phone lines. You might not be interested in using your phone on such a magical trip; however, what if an emergency happened?

On the other side food services and blankets is the warm touch of the trip. Although you will find communities, they don’t provide food and you won’t find stores in the mountain. Choosing a tour agency with food service guarantees someone who is aware of your vital signs, the elevation of the site, and the weather conditions are thinking about a homemade menu for you.

Most cheap agencies lower their costs avoiding formality and national safety regulations. Have you considered checking their record before booking with them or even buying tickets directly from themselves? By the way, the lines above just described the service we proved and we’re booking now. We are waiting for you! Facebook.

Rainbow Mountain Travel

Fulawasipata the front door to Rainbow Mountain

Are interested in visiting the Peruvian Rainbow Mountain Travel Trip, after reading our last post on the trip under the rain? Maybe you are, and maybe you were already keen since before. Let me tell you a bit about the full journey to reach the candy-like peaks with sun or rain!

The Tour

Tours begin very early in “the morning”, more like even before the dawn: 3.30 am. Tour agencies will get you from your lodging and will drive you to the mountains. Most trips, like ours, include the following route: Cusco – Fulawasipata – Cusco. Consider three hours and a half by bus from the starting point to Fulawasipata and a trek of two hours till the top of Vinicunca. After that, you can head Red Valley, also trekking, and just as an option. Then, after one hour of descent and almost three hours by bus, you’ll be back in Cusco. Most tours don’t offer meals, Rainbow Mountain Travel Trip Tours include breakfast and lunch prepared by the very native community of Fulawasipata!

The Landscape

Fulawasipata is a community settled in Cusipata. A small town located around 50 miles southeast from the city of Cusco at 3000 masl. With gorgeous Andean flora and fauna species, you can’t miss them once there. Some of these species were endangered and have been recovered thanks to the intervention of governmental bodies and, of course, the help of the community. Among the local flora, you may find cactus, alder, some fruit trees grown by the community, and mostly mosses, lichens, and natural pastures.

Some wildlife you may expect is smalls Andean foxes, condors, bobcats, and camelids.

Besides this biotic atmosphere, you will see some lakes and a natural composition of trees and plants that seems to be planned by some expert landscaper.

Who preserves it?

Rainbow Mountain is known as Vinicunca, the Spanish written word for Winikunka. “Wini” stands for “stone”, as the place was full of round black stones, and “kunka” meaning “neck”, as the shape of the hill was like a neck. This 15,026 ha landscape reserve is preserved by two groups.

Near 70% of the mountains are protected by the Fulahuasipata community, in Cusipata, in the province of Quispicanchi. Anf¡d the remaining 30% is under Pitumarca’s protection, province of Canchis.

In the past, these two groups had problems protecting and manage this outstading destination. However, nowadays they have reached an agreement and they both work for the benefit of Rainbow Mountain tourism.

As you can see, this destination isn’t special just for its great colors and amazing landscape, but also for the communities working around it. Come and see this beautiful site and collect colorful experiences! Facebook.

Humantay Lake Tour

Humantay Lake in Cusco

Humantay lake lays at the bottom of the Humantay snowy, three hours away from the city of Cusco. Imagine trekking in front of turquoise waters and white peaks with natural Andean flora and fauna. Don’t miss the chance to explore this hidden wonder and capture all the impressive sceneries. You’ll be amazed by all you can see in 5 km of trekking from Soraypampa to Humantay and Salcantay snowy. Keep reading to know more about the weather, what you should pack and what to expect from the journey.

About the Weather

Most Andean destinations share the same climatological features and, in consequence, flora, fauna, and natural sceneries. The rainy season begins in December and goes on until March. You can check these posts about trekking in Cusco. Most people think the best season is the dry season; however, it depends on the eye of the beholder. You are free to choose the moment you like my suggestion is to choose carefully the tour agency. This will prevent you from any incident, professionals know best when it’s too risky to head to the mountains and when it’s a good time despite the rain.

What to Bring?

This is a small checklist to pack the most important stuff and you don’t miss this amazing trip:

  • Small backpack
  • Bottles of water
  • Changing clothes: an extra t-shirt and ­water-resistant pants
  • Trekking shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Snacks
  • Sun protection: hat, sun cream, sunglasses
  • Extra batteries for your phone or camera

The Journey

What do you expect from the journey? This is not a tough one. However, as in any other destination in the Andes, it’s recommended the previous acclimatization in the city before trekking. Tour agencies usually pick you up around 3.00 or 4.00 in the morning. After three hours you will get to Soraypampa to begin the Salkantay trek and the sacred mountain.

Extend you adventure heading any of this similar destinations. Contact Bus Pass and be ready for unforgettable experiences.

The trek begins at 3800 masl and it’s expected to be cold. After two hours of trekking between the Andean valleys, you will reach the Humantay lake at 4200 masl. If you get lucky, you might find sunny scenery. Wear your swimwear and enter the lake! Make your trip even more memorable. Some of the animals you will see up there are camelids like llamas, alpacas, sheep, and vicuñas.

Contact us to find the trip of your choice. They have many plan trips and friendly politics regarding cancellation or change of schedule. Facebook.