The 3 Best Treks in Peru

Peru Best Choquequirao Amazing Trek

If you are one of those tourist enthusiasts who believe you have seen all that Peru had to offer in the way of trekking. Then believe us when we say that you have just gotten started. This country which has an array of hilltops, valleys, and ruins has a lot to offer in every single corner. Peru Trekking is a unique experience in itself and if you know the right places to go to, this experience will turn into something magical.

So, what do you say?. Are you ready to explore all the bright corners of Peruvian Treks that Incas’ road builders left all over the Andreas? If you are, then let us guide you:

1.     Santa Cruz Trek:

Santa Cruz can give you all the Alpine beauty that you have always wanted to witness. Snow-capped mountains are not the only sight offered by this trek. Rather, it also has lesser restrictions and a pretty easy passage for new hikers and old to find their way.

2.     The Lares Route:

Lares Route
If you like to see traditional human life alongside natural beauty, then the Lares Route is for you. This trek runs alongside many towns, including that of Lares, and takes the tourists all the way to the Sacred Valley. This trek is mostly crowded but not in a bad way. On this route, trekkers can see the work of the Incas’ agriculturists in action. The families of Llamas and Alpacas being raised by the locals and the traditional cloth making.

3.     Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao TrekIf people and crowds are not your things. Then Peru has you covered because the Choquequirao Trek can give you the beauty you crave without the hustle and bustle of human life. Unlike the Santa Cruz Trek which consists of views of the mountains and rivers, this trek is a peaceful sight of old ruins and a fine example of Inca archeology. With ruins and greenery as far as the eyes go. The Choquequirao Trek will take you back to the history of the Inca civilization as you trek through the trails while enjoying the fresh air.

The reason that the Inca Trail did not make this list is not that its beauty is questionable (which certainly is not). It is because the Inca Trail is one of the most known, beautiful, and one-of-its-kind trails and a pretty obvious choice for many.

Trekking through the Peru Trails is a great way of spending your vacations and clearing your mind. The only things that can make it even more exceptional are tour packages that promise a complete experience. So check out our tour packages and plan away! Facebook.