Rainbow Mountain Hike

Vinicunca – Are You Ready For the Most Psychedelic Trek of Your Life?

Peru seems to be blessed with the best of everything when it comes to beauty, wonders, traditions, and enigmas. Quite honestly, it is difficult to decide which one mystifies and baffles us the most. Whether it is the ruins of the Moray that we’d like to de-mystify or the secrets of the sacred valley that we’d love to unveil, nothing trumps the flabbergasting colors of the Vinicunca Mountains, whose rainbow colors are enough to shock even the most non-shakable people we know. Read More “Vinicunca – Are You Ready For the Most Psychedelic Trek of Your Life?”

Peru Best Choquequirao Amazing Trek

The 3 Best Treks in Peru

If you are one of those tourist enthusiasts who believe you have seen all that Peru had to offer in the way of trekking. Then believe us when we say that you have just gotten started. This country which has an array of hilltops, valleys, and ruins has a lot to offer in every single corner. Peru Trekking is a unique experience in itself and if you know the right places to go to, this experience will turn into something magical.

So, what do you say?. Are you ready to explore all the bright corners of Peruvian Treks that Incas’ road builders left all over the Andreas? If you are, then let us guide you: Read More “The 3 Best Treks in Peru”

Inca Trail Staff

A Packing List and Tips for the Inca Trail

If you are reading this blog, then chances are that you have already booked the Inca trail tour package With Sun Gate Tours and are now all pumped up for your trip. While the excitement and adrenaline are all very understandable, do not let this anticipation cloud your ability to think rationally.

It is important that you prepare right and pack the right things for your trip. Carrying a light is the key to successful trekking; however, there are other essentials that are necessary to pack as well. The bottom line is that every item in your bag matters; so, make it count!

For all the first-time trekkers looking forward to their Inca Tour Holidays, we have prepared a packing list and tips just for you. Here it goes: Read More “A Packing List and Tips for the Inca Trail”