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7 Amazing Things to do in Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is undeniably Peru’s leading tourist attraction and very few visitors to the country fail to make their way to the Andean hills, to see the ruins of the ‘lost city of the Incas’. Its iconic status as one of the wonders of the world means that millions of tourists flock to see the ancient citadel every year.

The large ruins, perfect masonry, and strange architecture have bemused the researchers for several years and continue to attract visitors on mass. Stretched over 13 square km, Machu Picchu is a wealth of interesting sights. You can spend hours wandering and getting lost in a city of wonders.

To assist you to get the most out of your Machu Picchu Trip, here are some amazing things you can do.

Climb up to the Sun Gate

Sun Gate is considered one of the most important features of Machu Picchu. Your first view of Machu Picchu after tough trekking will be through Intipunku, the Sun Gate. However, if you are visiting Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes, you can climb up to the Sun Gate to look down on the ruins from above. Though it takes around an hour to reach Intipunku, the view from up there will be worth seeing.

Climb Huayna Picchu

If you want to see the bird-eye view of Machu Picchu, then you need to climb the Huayna Picchu. The towering mountain is a fairly straightforward climb and requires no technical ability. The top of Huayna Picchu will offer you the best view of the site and the surrounding mountains.

However, only 400 people are permitted to scale it per day, so better to book your tickets in advance.

Don’t miss the Temple of the Sun

Located next to the main fountain, the Torreon is one of the most important buildings in Machu Picchu. It is also one of the finest examples of Inca masonry. The Temple of the Sun is believed to be used for astronomical observations in the past.

Click photos from the Watchman’s Hut

After entering the city you will see the Watchman’s Hut. This is the perfect place to get a breathtaking view of the whole city, so don’t miss the opportunity to capture the beautiful view.

Find the Inca Bridge

Built as a secret entrance for the Incan army, the bridge is carved into a cliff face on the west route of Machu Picchu. From the Watchman’s Hut, the path will lead down to the Inca Bridge.

Search the Intihuatana

One of the most recognizable sights in Machu Picchu, Intihuatana was used by the Inca people as a sundial to predict solstices. The shape of the pillar rock itself mimics that of Huayna Picchu that sits directly behind the stone.

Visit the agricultural terraces

One of the greatest achievements of the Incas was their ability to adapt the mountainous terrain of the Andes for agriculture. You can walk along the terrace and appreciate the techniques they employed to make the land suitable for cultivation.

Whether you arrive at Machu Picchu on a bus or foot, the first impression of the site will never disappoint. With so many things to do and see, your Machu Picchu Trip will be worth remembering. Facebook.


Plan your Machu Picchu Vacation in Peru with best Tour Packages

Peru is a beautiful and third-largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina. It is the home to a section of the Amazon rainforest and ancient Incan city Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains. Built in the 15th century, Machu Picchu is an important archaeological site. It is the symbol of the great Incan Empire and is situated 2,430 meters above sea level in the mountain range. This mysterious ancient city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 and named among New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. This all makes Machu Picchu one of the most visited tourist destinations in Peru.

If you are planning a Machu Picchu Vacation then you will not be disappointed as the ancient Incan city never fails to amaze people with its mysterious beauty. Unlike any regular holiday destination, a vacation in Machu Picchu is more like an adventurous journey for travelers around the globe. Situated in the subtropical zone, the climate in Machu Picchu is warm and humid during day time and cool at night. The best time to visit this place is from April to November as it rains very little during this period.

If you are in Peru and planning a trip to Machu Picchu, then you should not forget to visit these must-see sights:

  • The Sun Gate (Inti Punku)
  • Climb Huayna Picchu
  • The Inca Bridge
  • Watchman’s Hut
  • The Funerary Stone
  • Temple of the Sun
  • Royal Tomb – Palace of the Princess
  • The Fountains
  • The Temple of Three Windows
  • The Principle Temple
  • House of the High Priest
  • House of Ornaments (Sacristy)
  • Intihuantana
  • Central Plaza
  • The sacred Rock
  • The Moral/Industrial Section
  • The Prison Group

For your Machu Picchu Vacation in Peru, you need to consider getting a personalized travel package from a professional tour and travel company. It will include hotels, sightseeing guides, transportation, and other professional services for your vacation. There are two ways to reach Machu Picchu, one is by train and the second option is via an adventurous 4-day trek to Machu Picchu. Your tour operator will help you find the best tour package based on your choices. If you are planning to go via train, ask your tour company to reserve train tickets and arrange your entry into Machu Picchu in advance as there are only limited entry per day for the tourists.

Make sure that your tour package includes sightseeing to all the best sites in the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Take an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide with you to learn about these important archaeological sites and the mysteries behind them. Pick a personalized tour package in your budget depending on your travel needs and how many days you want to stay to explore the place. Machu Picchu is a beautiful place in the middle of a tropical mountain forest; make sure you have enough time when you are planning a vacation here. Facebook.

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11 Tips to Plan your Machu Picchu Vacation Well

Once lost in the majestic Peruvian Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is now counted amongst the most sought-after tourist destinations across the globe. Its sophisticated buildings unravel ancient techniques of astronomical alignments and amazing panoramic views.

This ancient Inca settlement in Peru never fails to amaze people by its mystifying beauty, lush green cover, and esoteric ruins. To be honest, Machu Picchu Vacation is more like an adventurous journey of mysteries and bewilderment when compared to ordinary holidays you go on every year.

If you are also planning to experience one of the most thrilling ventures, the following tips will help you a lot in making your journey a successful and exciting one.

Machu Picchu Tours
Machu Picchu Tours

Make a booking in advance

  • Your first step should be to ask your tour operator to reserve train tickets and arrange your entry into Machu Picchu beforehand. Every year, more than 1.1 million visitors wander in Machu Picchu and authorities grant only limited permits each day. So, booking early will ensure your entry with no hassle.
  • In case you are also interested in hiking the original Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you need to book it in advance again as the trek is well controlled and gets sold out months upfront as well.
  • Unless you are from Asia, you don’t have to worry about obtaining a tourist visa. However, you need to keep a copy of your passport with you during your entire stay in Peru.
  • When you enter Peru, the customs official will provide you with a tourist card. Ensure to keep it with you safely throughout your trip as you will need it again while leaving Peru. Otherwise, a fine will be imposed.

How to avoid Machu Picchu Crowd

  • During the afternoon, huge crowds of tourists will arrive from Cuzco – a city two hours away from Machu Picchu. If you are no fan of big gatherings or crowds, it is best to spend your night in the town of Aguas Calientes that lies at the foot of Machu Picchu.
  • To get the best view of the mountain sunset in Machu Picchu, visit up there in the late afternoon. Though the park closes at 5 pm, you will surely be able to catch some memorable and stunning photographs as the light beams will fall over the ancient ruins and radiate the surroundings in the most charismatic manner.
  • Another thing you could do to avoid huge throngs of tourists is to book your trip in ‘shoulder seasons’ i.e. between April and May or September and October.

How to Dress and Stay Healthy

  • While traveling to Peru, check the climate of the region you are planning to visit. In Machu Picchu, you can expect large temperature swings at different times within a single day. So, choose to dress accordingly.
  • Keep your body hydrated more than usual as you will be hiking at elevated heights. Bottled water is recommended to drink rather than tap water.
  • Bring insect repellent and apply sunscreen. Just to be safe, keep extra napkins or toilet paper in your daily touring backpack, and remember to throw it in the trash bin instead of the toilet.
  • Take time to get accustomed to the high altitude – at least 12 hours. Bring some altitude sickness tablets, avoid smoking and alcohol, and stay away from coffee and energy drinks. Rather, you can try some coca tea.

Follow these tips while planning for Machu Picchu Vacation and manage your money wisely to avoid scams and counterfeit cash. Facebook.