Vinicunca – Are You Ready For the Most Psychedelic Trek of Your Life?

Rainbow Mountain Hike

Peru seems to be blessed with the best of everything when it comes to beauty, wonders, traditions, and enigmas. Quite honestly, it is difficult to decide which one mystifies and baffles us the most. Whether it is the ruins of the Moray that we’d like to de-mystify or the secrets of the sacred valley that we’d love to unveil, nothing trumps the flabbergasting colors of the Vinicunca Mountains, whose rainbow colors are enough to shock even the most non-shakable people we know.

Interestingly, most tourists return back home from their Peru Tours without even learning about the existence of this rainbow mountain. But that is least likely to happen if you take one of the Peru Tour Packages by Sun Gate Tours. We’ll make sure that you get to witness this magnificent beauty of nature.

Located in the region of Cusco, Vinicunca is a five-hour hike up the mountain. This spectacular mountain got its name from the language Quechua which translates to seven colors. What makes this mountain stranger and even more of an adventure is the fact that it is unknown by many. The lack of popularity of Vinicunca makes its path less traveled, which means people touring with Sun Gate tours will be among some of the few to ever visit these mountains.

The reason behind the Seven Colors:

The answer will disappoint many but the truth is, no one has really researched the strange colors of Vinicunca. Maybe it is because of the strange mineral compositions of the soil or maybe it has resulted from plate collisions as of that of the Rainbow Mountains of China. Either way, the mountains are something to behold and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by their uniqueness and beauty.

The Path to the Mountains:

In order to reach this mountain, the tourists have to take the Ausangate Trek. The Ausangate Trek is not exactly easy but won’t be a problem for physically fit people with high endurance.

The Trek is long with occasional high passes but the trail itself is well defined and easy to brave. The good news is that you can trek the way on horseback and enjoy the splendid view while your horse does all the trekking for you.

If you go explore these mountains on your own, there’s a high chance you’ll get lost since there is no map available on the internet. Take our assistance and enjoy your tour. Facebook.