Fun Along The Trail Leading To Machu Picchu

Inca Trail Trekkers

Trekking enthusiasts travel from every corner of the world to Peru with the intention of walking the Inca trail which unquestionably is the most renowned trek in the entire continent of South America. The trail in enclosed by beautiful scenery and the ruins that attract tourists. You have to visit this place to be mesmerized by its magic. The journey starts from a destination called Kilometer 88. After crossing the narrow Kusicancha Bridge, you can camp at either Llullucha or Wayllabamba for the night.

The Trail Leading To Machu Picchu

The trekking continues the next day with a rather rough patch which involves hiking the Warmiwanusqa Pass at a high altitude. The stretch into the third day is conveniently interesting yet demanding. You can visit the outstanding ruins around the areas of Sayagmarca and Runkuracay. For camping, there are the sites of Winayhuayna and Puyupatamarca. As the dawn of the fourth-day approaches, from Sun Gate you can witness the sunrise over Machu Picchu. The remaining day can be spent on the Machu Picchu treks.

There are three interlocked trails that lead to Machu Picchu through the famous Inca trail. The longest one, Mollepata, is positioned in the mountain range of the Andes and leads through diverse environments. Numerous ruins from the Inca civilization can be seen along the way leading up to the Sun Gate.

Owing to the erosion caused by the massive influx of the tourist, the Peruvian government has implemented policies to conserve this beautiful place. The number of visitors per day has been limited to five hundred; hence booking in advance is the most recommended option to avoid any difficulties. So if you are looking for a stress-free trip, it would be better to leave the intricacies of the trip to be sorted out by professionals.

The Inca trail

The excursion can be completed in a period of three to four days. The endless options, regardless of if you are going alone or are accompanied by family, add to the excitement of the trip. You can hire expert guides to deepen your insight about the place and learn while having fun. This vacation is exactly what you need to break away from the stress of daily life and treat yourself with the vacation you deserve.

Packing right is a noteworthy aspect to make your vacation fun and worth all the time and money. The surrounding environment and temperatures should be kept in mind while packing. The trip to this place is too exuberant to disappoint.

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