Peru Vacations are Best Planned around the Celebrations in Lima

Peru Vacations are Best Planned around the Celebrations

Lima is the capital of the beautiful country of Peru and is swarmed with travelers planning to visit Peru for a vacation. Being the commercial hub of the country. It is the center of activities and has arranged for the tourists to be entertained while they are in Lima. This vibrant city offers traditional ways of life in conjunction with contemporary customs and this blend provides a wonderful sight of the metropolis city. There are some special times in the year when you should definitely visit this place during your vacation in Peru. Here are some of these special festivals so you can plan your trip around them.

Celebrations in Lima

The Procession of Senor de los Milagros in October

The Saint of Miracles, or locally known as Senor de Los Milagros. Is Lima’s patron saint corresponding to all the cities and towns in South America that have their own patron saint? In accordance with a tradition, every year in the month of October, the observers wear purple-colored clothes to demonstrate their commitment and sanctity. Copious amounts of processions are convened throughout this historic city exhibiting the image of the saint. These are followed in a large number by believers clad in purple. The month of October is thenceforth called the ‘Purple Month’. It is a very lovely sight and visitors enjoy being a part of the procession.

Summer in the months of December to February

The best time to make a stopover at Lima would be the period when it is frostily cold in the Northern hemisphere. The optimal position of Peru in the southern hemisphere provides it an edge over all the northern countries. The travelers running away from the cold travel south to embrace the warmth in the streets of Lima. After spending a dreary half a year in the winter, travelers can experience the rays of sun bestowing upon the Limeños in the months of December, January, and February.

Festivities of Christmas in December

Since religion still holds significant power in South America, Christmas is a religious affair. However, there has been an increase in the pursuit of modern-style celebrations and customs of gift exchanges on this holiday. Nonetheless, on Christmas Eve, the whole family including the extended family gets together to enjoy the Christmas dinner and festivities. The dinner leads into the midnight countdown of Christmas, which is celebrated with fireworks, hugs, and kisses.

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