Your Guide To Packing For Peru!

The longest left wave at Chicama Beach

Are you ready for your trip to Peru? Between the snowcapped mountains that stbeautiful-historic-machu-picchu-peruretch through the sky and the coastal regions, Peru is one of the most naturally diverse places to be – and hands down the most interesting country in Latin America.

All of these exciting places to check out here can make packing a bit tricky.

Therefore, our pros from Sun Gate Tours give you a short guide on packing all the essentials you are going to need on your trip:

Visiting Lima And The Coastal Regions

Despite the humidity, the green landscapes and exceptional views of the Pacific Ocean coastal region, including Lima, lie in one of the world’s driest deserts.

The two distinct seasons here include summers and winters. In summers, the temperature might go up to 28 degrees Celsius. The intensity of the sun and the lack of air conditioning in cabs might make it seem hotter.

For Summers


  • Packs in lots of light shirts and shorts
  • Pack in flip flops and sandals
  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times to stay hydrated

In winters, the temperature might drop to 12 degrees Celsius at night. Here is what you need if traveling to Lima in winters:

For Winters

  • Long pants, light shirts, and shorts
  • Skull caps or scarves
  • Shoes with extra grip to prevent slips

Machu Picchu and The Sacred Valley

If you’re planning to visit the Sacred Valley or Machu Picchu trip, you might need to pack in a few extras like sweaters and jackets. Although you should not be concerned about humidity, the high altitudes require a few essentials. The temperature might range from 4 degrees Celsius to a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius during the day.

For Wet Season

  • A jacket and rain slicker
  • Shoes that are water-resistant and extra traction
  • An umbrella (although you might have to give it up because they are not allowed inside Machu Picchu)

For Dry Season

  • Extra sweater and jacket
  • Hat, gloves, and scarves
  • An extra bag to carry the layers of clothes you need through the day and night

Although you can purchase what you need before embarking on the hike, it is advisable that you pack according to your itinerary. Need more advice? Get in touch with us for questions regarding your trips to Peru! Facebook.