The Hidden Jewel of Machu Picchu Putucusi Mountain


Machu Picchu is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. The splendors of Machu Picchu are untold. It was believed to be a city of legend, much like Atlantis, until Hiram Bingham discovered it in 1911. Since then, the world has been in awe of the majestic city and the glorious architecture of the Inca people.

The Hidden Jewel of Machu Picchu Putucusi Mountain

Putucusi Mountain is one such jewel in Machu Picchu and is one of the wonders of this magnificent place. Tourists come from all over the world to visit the endless wonders of Machu Picchu and its picturesque mountains and terraces. The Putucusi Mountain is as stunning as it gets in Machu Picchu. It offers a unique perspective of Machu Picchu from its peak – a view that is very different from scaling Mount Huayna Picchu. Tourists around the world are in awe of Machu Picchu and the majestic beauty it holds.

The trip to the peak of the Putucusi Mountain is even more demanding than climbing Huayna Picchu. As there are many trails and hidden crevices that are yet to be discovered. It is advised that you proceed with caution or preferably with a guide who will take you along the best route to the top of the mountain.

The view from the top is amazing, to put it mildly. You can see the whole valley spread out before you and the river snaking along the valley floor. People can see the Andes mountain range and view spectacular jungles and forests from the top. Which will simply leave you gawking in wonder.

The trek to the top of the Putucusi Mountain usually takes around 4 hours. And you do not need to get in line to buy a ticket before dusk-like you have to for the Huayna Picchu Mountain. That is one of the reasons why people prefer to scale this mountain. As it involves fewer hassles but it remains a very demanding climb with steep ladders attached to the walls of the mountain that will go as high as a 4 or 5 story building.
Only serious trekkers and hikers are advised to scale Putucusi Mountain as it is an extremely dangerous climb. Young children are not allowed to make the climb. As the wooden ladders are slippery and require extreme caution to be exercised when climbing. In addition to the fact that there are narrow bridges and creeks along the way.

For someone visiting Machu Picchu for the first time, trekking on Putucusi Mountain will be an experience they will never forget. Facebook.