5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Trip To Peru Today

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Although each and every place on mother Earth is fascinating, to say the least, Peru still remains to be one with mystifying beauty that attracts thousands of tourists each year. From natural to cultural treasures, Peru has intrigued travelers for decades.

At Sun Gate Tours, we offer some of the most affordable, yet exciting, tour packages for Peru. If you are still wondering what your next vacation destination should be, allow us to tell you what Peru has in store!

#1- Meet New People

chinchero-peruIt is always a pleasure meeting new people that have entirely different cultures and languages, but Peruvians make your experience even more wonderful.

A majority of Peruvians are directly linked to the Inca ancestors, keeping the Quechua culture alive.

Most Peruvians are hard workers, helpful and polite. Many of them have never traveled around the world; therefore travelers and their languages fascinate them.

#2- Indulge In The Ancient Culture

There is a massive amount of mind-bending history here. You can walk around towns, hike the Inca ruins, and you will always be surrounded by ancient culture. The Inca Ruins are also considered one of the most important historical sites here. There are plenty of other options for explorers like Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, and a four-day-long hike to the Inca Trail. In the south, you can visit the Nazca Lines and the ancient city of Puno.

#3- Experience True Natural Diversity

Peru has over 28 different climates. This contributes to the exceptionally diverse ecosystem. If you are looking for snow, head to the Andes; if you are looking to explore dry towns, head to the town of Paracas. You can also go on long rowing rides through the Amazonian Jungles. You cannot really explore such natural diversity at the same cost anywhere else in the world.

#4- Try Out The Cuisines

The natural diversity in Peru also makes up for the intensely varied cuisine across the country. You can try out dishes like Butifarra, Tiradito, Empanadas, and Lomo Saltado – all of which are Peruvian specials. Although all Peruvian dishes are heavy and spicy, they are certainly delicious!

#5- Check Out The Beaches

If you are a fan of surfing or chilling at the beach, you should definitely not miss out on the variety of beaches here.playground-in-park-in-lima-peru

Some of the most popular ones are Punta Rocas and Costa Verdes. All of these are located to the South of Lima. For the perfect time in the sun and sand, you can also visit breathtaking beaches like Punta Hermosa and Santa Maria.

There are a few reasons that make Peru the perfect destination for your next vacation! Get in touch with us to create your very own, customized Peru tour packages today! Facebook