Separating Fact From Fiction In Machu Picchu

the road to Machu Picchu

Ask any friend or family member if they have ever visited Machu Picchu and they will tell you how magical it is.

Built on top of a mountain, it is certainly difficult to imagine that such civil engineers existed in ancient times. The mystery surrounding the sight also gives birth to a number of misconceptions among tourists.

We asked our guides to discuss some of the most common myths they get to hear from tourists, and this blog is dedicated to helping you clear them out! Read on:

Aliens Helped Build Machu Picchu

Even if you do firmly believe this, don’t let the locals hear you say it.

Peruvians are proud of how their ancestors created such a wonder. Incas were some of the most exceptional stonemasons in ancient times. There are plenty of stonework examples abandoned during progress that provide evidence of this.

What’s impressive is that the Incas were able to move around tons of stone using manpower and no cranes. This is also why many people believe they had extraterrestrial help.

Can Rent A Car And Take It To Machu Picchu

No, you can’t. You can only drive it till Ollantaytambo and then you will need to take a train to Aguas Calientes and there are no vehicles there. From here onwards most tourists hike up. Aguas Calientes is solely designed for pedestrians which is why most tourists leave their luggage at their hotels in Ollantaytambo.

You Can Go To Machu Picchu Privately

Apart from the local laws obligating tourists to hire a porter, you also need a guide. Moreover, traveling to Machu Picchu alone is risky and is not preferred at all.

You Can Get Access To The Ruins If You Stay At The Sanctuary Lodge

No amount of money can give you access to the ruins at night or after visiting times end. Staying at the Sanctuary Lodge can push you back by a thousand dollars but you do get good service and the chance to line up at the first-morning opening. Night hikes are not permitted to the ruins. Additionally, only two rooms in the Sanctuary provide mountain views, the others only offer terraces.

Visiting Machu Picchu is definitely an unforgettable experience but only when you can separate fact from fiction. Get in touch with us today to plan out your Machu Picchu expedition. Facebook.