Machu Picchu the Land of Orchids

Machu Picchu and Mountains

Machu Picchu the Land of Orchids

The citadel of Machu Picchu is home to numerous tourist attractions. Hence numerous Machu Picchu tours are conducted throughout the year. It is commonly known for its cultural importance reflected in the ruins of the Incan civilization. These ruins are unmatched wonders with respect to their construction and architecture which has preserved this city in its original state for more than five centuries. The mere existence of this city at the height of 2430 meters above sea level is nothing short of a miracle, and therefore, attracts numerous visitors traveling to Peru.

The mountain of Winay Wayna

located in the vicinity of Machu Picchu is included in most Machu Picchu tours and is named so for a special reason. Winay Wayna means “Always Young”. This mountain is covered by over 300 species of orchids that have thrived in this area since times unknown. Several of these flowers are unique to this place. The sight and smell emanating from these are everlasting – and hence the name was given to this area. So while traveling to Peru, this site is a must-visit.

These orchids exist in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors which allow them to adapt to climatic changes easily. Their natural presence is observed in South America and Malaysia, each variety being infinitely different from the other. These flowers are known to be the carriers of DNA from other plants which aid in their adaptability and hence. Their lifecycle is deemed to be closer to human beings themselves.

The orchids

Most of these orchids are named according to humane feelings due to their specific characteristics. Some of these are also known for their medicinal and spiritual properties, which make traveling to Peru enormously interesting. Lloraras (You will cry) and El Zapatito de la Princesa (The little princess shoe) are named for their outclass beauty and delicacy. The Lycaste Longipetala (Ancient Wisdom) is one of the oldest orchid species and is used in the interpretation of dreams. Masdevallia Veitchianna (Divine Goddess) is a bright red colored orchid that is known to help women in their problems pertaining to their reproductive cycles. The Epidendrum Ibaguense (Eternal Youth) contains the magical potion of youthful skin by the removal of dead cells. The Epidendrum Cucoense (One heart) is known to have properties that intensify the emotions between new relationships by strengthening their individual gender-based characteristics.

These are just a few of the elegant orchids that cover the mountain of Winay Wayna and there are over 300 species of orchids in total. The mountain of Winay Wayna is crossed while hiking the one-day Inca trail on the shortest Machu Picchu tour. The scenic beauty of these vibrant colored flowers cannot be paralleled with any other splendor. Coupled with other natural sceneries provided by the mountains, rivers, and forests. The Machu Picchu tours prove to be a complete experience. Facebook.