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Discover Peru with Sun Gate Tours: Exclusive Travel Tips and Insights

Welcome to the Sun Gate Tours blog, your ultimate guide for unique and authentic travel experiences in Peru. Here, we share not only travel tips and advice but also inspirational stories and insights into new and exciting destinations across Peru and South America.

Our focus is on providing safe, non-traditional travel experiences in small, private groups, ensuring a personalized service that goes beyond the ordinary. We are dedicated to sustainable travel, offering journeys that not only enrich your life but also positively impact local communities and the environment.

Ready to explore the hidden gems of Peru? Dive into our blog for invaluable travel tips, and let Sun Gate Tours lead you on an unforgettable adventure. Your journey towards a meaningful and personalized travel experience starts here.

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Things to do in PERU

Besides exploring Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, Peru offers a lot of other activities too. Take a…

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Planning A Peru Vacation

With the diverse variety of options, choosing a specific destination for your vacation can be challenging. From the…

Machu Picchu and Mountains

Check Out These 3 Hidden Facts About Machu Picchu!

Machu Picchu is located more than 7,000 feet above sea level and still remains to be one of…

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5 Amazing facts about Machu Picchu

Sun Gate Tours / Facebook offers premium tour packages for Peru. With our Peru tour packages, certainly you…

Rainbow Mountain Hike
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Vinicunca – Are You Ready For the Most Psychedelic Trek of Your Life?

Peru seems to be blessed with the best of everything when it comes to beauty, wonders, traditions, and…

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The 3 Best Treks in Peru

If you are one of those tourist enthusiasts who believe you have seen all that Peru had to…

Inca Trail Staff
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A Packing List and Tips for the Inca Trail

If you are reading this blog, then chances are that you have already booked the Inca trail tour…

The longest left wave at Chicama Beach
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Your Guide To Packing For Peru!

Are you ready for your trip to Peru? Between the snowcapped mountains that stretch through the sky and…


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