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Discover Peru with Sun Gate Tours: Exclusive Travel Tips and Insights

Welcome to the Sun Gate Tours blog, your ultimate guide for unique and authentic travel experiences in Peru. Here, we share not only travel tips and advice but also inspirational stories and insights into new and exciting destinations across Peru and South America.

Our focus is on providing safe, non-traditional travel experiences in small, private groups, ensuring a personalized service that goes beyond the ordinary. We are dedicated to sustainable travel, offering journeys that not only enrich your life but also positively impact local communities and the environment.

Ready to explore the hidden gems of Peru? Dive into our blog for invaluable travel tips, and let Sun Gate Tours lead you on an unforgettable adventure. Your journey towards a meaningful and personalized travel experience starts here.

Amazon Region Machu Picchu Affordable Peru Tours
CategoriesMachu Picchu Tours

Interesting Facts about Peruvian Amazon Region and Machu Picchu

With its diverse land and rich culture, Peru is the perfect country for an explorer, but when someone…

Amazon Region Machu Picchu Affordable Peru Tours
CategoriesMachu Picchu Tours

11 Tips to Plan your Machu Picchu Vacation Well

Once lost in the majestic Peruvian Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is now counted amongst the most sought-after tourist…

Sun Gate Tour Agency
CategoriesPeru Tours

Why is important to choose a certified Tour Agency in Cusco

What conditions should you consider while choosing a tour agency? Choosing the right agency is key when you…

Rainbow Mountain Travel
CategoriesPeru Tours

Fulawasipata the front door to Rainbow Mountain

Are interested in visiting the Peruvian Rainbow Mountain Travel Trip, after reading our last post on the trip…

Humantay Lake Tour
CategoriesPeru Trekking

Humantay Lake in Cusco

Humantay lake lays at the bottom of the Humantay snowy, three hours away from the city of Cusco.…

Inca Trail Tours
CategoriesInca Trail Machu Picchu Tours Peru Trekking

What to Know About the Inca Trail

Although Machu Picchu can be reached by train or trekking on alternative trails from Aguas Calientes. There is…

CategoriesInca Trail Machu Picchu Tours

What You Need to Know Before Your Trip to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Location: The Machu Picchu archaeological complex is located in the department of Cusco, in the Urubamba…

the road to Machu Picchu
CategoriesMachu Picchu Tours

Separating Fact From Fiction In Machu Picchu

Ask any friend or family member if they have ever visited Machu Picchu and they will tell you…


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