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Discover Peru with Sun Gate Tours: Exclusive Travel Tips and Insights

Welcome to the Sun Gate Tours blog, your ultimate guide for unique and authentic travel experiences in Peru. Here, we share not only travel tips and advice but also inspirational stories and insights into new and exciting destinations across Peru and South America.

Our focus is on providing safe, non-traditional travel experiences in small, private groups, ensuring a personalized service that goes beyond the ordinary. We are dedicated to sustainable travel, offering journeys that not only enrich your life but also positively impact local communities and the environment.

Ready to explore the hidden gems of Peru? Dive into our blog for invaluable travel tips, and let Sun Gate Tours lead you on an unforgettable adventure. Your journey towards a meaningful and personalized travel experience starts here.

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Machu Picchu First destination of Carbon Neutral

Machu Picchu is the first tourism destination of Carbon Neutral in the world. For Sun Gate Tours is…

Biking Cusco
CategoriesPeru Tours

Biking in Cusco and Sacred Valley

Biking mountain in Cusco & Sacred Valley is one the most easy way to feel the air and…

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Pachamama Month in Peru

Peru celebrates the Earth Month or Pachamama Month in the high Andean communities since August 1st. The Andes…

Internal Tourism Peru Chinchero-Woman
CategoriesMachu Picchu Tours Peru Peru Tours Peru Vacations

Some tips for internal tourism in Peru

Once you are ready to travel to Peru you need to know that there three very distinct geographical…

Inti Raymi Celebration
CategoriesMachu Picchu Tours Peru

Inti Raymi the celebration of the Sun

As you may know, Cusco is not just a magical city with historical places but also a mystical…

Three Places Travel Peru amazon and Machu Picchu tours
CategoriesMachu Picchu Tours

3 Must-Visit Places When Travelling to Peru

In recent years, Peru has become one of the most visited countries in South America.  Peruvians are immensely…

Machu Picchu trip
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7 Amazing Things to do in Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is undeniably Peru’s leading tourist attraction and very few visitors to the country fail to make…

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Plan your Machu Picchu Vacation in Peru with best Tour Packages

Peru is a beautiful and third-largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina. It is the home…


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