Huacrapucara Experience

Huacrapucara is an archaeological complex of pre-Hispanic constructions with the architecture of Mauk’allaqta and Inca cultures. And it’s located in the district of Pomacanchi in Cusco with 4140 meters above the sea level.

What does Huacrapucara mean?


This archaeological complex called Huacrapukara. According to Dr. Victor Angles Vargas, the Quechua word Huacrapucara, etymologically comes from two words huacra means horn and the word pucara means fortress or barracks. In short, this word waqrapukara means fortress in the form of a horn.

It was a residence of the nobility of this place. Into there you will find with astronomical observatories.

At the same time it was a protected religious center with watchtowers and underground roads.

Climate and Temperature

The climate of this place belongs to the entire Cusco region with the two respective seasons that between may and october are the cold – dry seasonand between the months of november and april are the rainy season. On the other hand, the winds can be constant and increase between the months of august and september due to the geography of this place.

Other recommendations for an awesome experience in Huacrapucara.

  • Hiking shoes or at least a pair of chunky soles.
  • Warm-up exercises before starting the walk, this will prevent possible muscle contractures.
  • You have to be inform with the climate that is ruling at the time to carry out the activity.
  • We advise you acclimatizing first. Which implies that you see the effects that height produces on you from the first step on Cusco ground.
  • Bring something extra to eat, water and some dried fruit. It will be the best answer to your physical needs.
  • Bring change clothes to use at the end of the activity.
  • Warm and light and warm clothing.
  • Use trekking poles. It helps a lot with physical effort.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Do not drink alcohol the day before the activity.


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