Andahuaylillas Chapel Tour

Andahuaylillas Sixtine Chapel

According to history, the Andahuaylillas Chapel Tour was built by Jesuits in the sixteenth century over an Inca place or ceremonial space dedicated to the sun and moon. Then, the construction of the current temple started in 1570 with the creation of a small chapel; where the nave and façade were completed in 1606.

Much of the interior was decorated by Luis de Riaño, a student of Angelino Medoro, in the 1620s. It is often called the “Sistine Chapel of the Andes” because of the beauty of its mural paintings. Also into this place, many people around this town want to get married to the traditional art and paintings that are located inside the Church.

Andahuaylillas is a small town located 25 miles (41 kilometers) from the city of Cusco, at 10,000 feet (3,100 meters) above sea level. Where many people live from agriculture and cattle raising as the main resource for their houses and families.


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Repeated seismic activity and some inappropriate previous interventions caused structural instability of the façade, balcony, and bell tower. The Mudéjar-style painted ceiling of the sanctuary was also in precarious condition due to roof leaks, insect infestation, and the effect of earthquakes. Work was done on the ceiling in the 1980s, but the problems persisted, and another earthquake could cause the loss of decorative elements.

As you can see in the image the ceiling was rebuilt by many people and try to maintain the first designs from the beginning. Until now is very difficult to know how was the first construction but the engineers here tried to rebuild the place.


The temperature of Andahuaylillas during the year varies from 0 ° C to 19 ° C and rarely drops below -2 ° C or rises above 22 ° C.

The Andahuaylillas weather is also framed in two rainy seasons and a dry season. During the rainy season in Andahuaylillas it will feel cool and somewhat cloudy, while, in the dry season, the weather is quite comfortable despite perceiving the partly cloudy sky.

Best season to get to know Andahuaylillas

The best season to be able to travel to Andahuaylillas according to the recommendation of the tourist sector is during the dry season. Since the presence of rain will not be perceived the climate becomes quite comfortable with the presence of solar rays and in the afternoon nights, the Andahuaylillas sky is cloudy.

The months of the best season are between April to September.

How to get to Andahuaylillas?

In order to get to Andahuaylillas, there are different ways and routes. One of them is to arrive by bus departing from Cusco to Andahuaylillas and the cost is quite cheap S /. 5.00 and the duration is approximately 45 to 50 minutes from Cusco city.

Another way to get there on your own is taking a taxi from the station of the cars and get to the Sistine Chapel from America in approximately 30 minutes. The price of the taxi will depend on the company you request service from.


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