Raqchi Tour

Raqchi Tour

This archaeological Raqchi tour is located in the district of San Pedro de Cacha, province of Canchis, department of Cusco at 3460 meters above sea level on the slopes of the Quimsachata volcano. Archaeologists have divided it into 5 main sectors:

  1. Wiracocha Temple
  2. Main Squares
  3. Colcas
  4. Mesapata
  5. Urban sector
  6. In addition to an artificial water reservoir in front of the Temple and a wall that surrounds the entire complex.


Raqchi Tour TravelThe building so named is the only one of its kind within the “Kallancas” genre. Externally it is 25.25 meters wide by 92 meters long and at least 15 meters high. The central wall is the tallest and currently, its maximum height is 12 meters, but towards the end of the 19th century, the traveler.

Middendorf visited and described the site, noting 15 meters as the maximum height. What is peculiar about this structure is the use of two rows of columns to bridge the wide span existing between the central wall and the outer walls in order to support the “gabled” roof. The columns are located in separate rows between the central wall and the two longest exterior walls, they have a diameter of 1.60 meters and as many in these as in the other walls, the stone was used up to 3 meters in height and from then on its used adobe. It is noteworthy that the stones used were polished to give them the “cushioned” finish, typical of the Inca constructions of the Tawantinsuyu period, that is, after 1450 AD.


Raqchi Cusco TourIt houses approximately ten rows of twenty circular structures – collcas – each one well-aligned with slight differences in diameter, ranging between 7 and 10 meters. All very deteriorated and with large areas destroyed for agricultural use due to of which the stones that illegal to cover low walls have been piled up since it has a level ground.

The colcas are formed by thick walls of rustic masonry based on a black basalt stone with a double wall and a variable power between 0.50 and 1 m. The entrance is through a trapezium-shaped hole, monolithic lintel, very narrow and of variable height. Side skylights at the top and for ventilation purposes were common.

Sometimes in the same unit. The most vulnerable part is the access part and the fracture line is diagonal in most cases.


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