Peruvian Gastronomy

Peruvian Gastronomy

The culinary of Latin America have increasing weight in the culinary world order and Peruvian Gastronomy with Mexican, and Argentine. These three countries have their most outstanding restaurants.

That’s why a cuisine like the Peruvian one serves as an example so important and so fashionable in recent times in Europe. Especially in countries like Spain, Germany and more countries there.

Peruvian Gastronomu Origins

Peruvian food

The diversity of gastronomy in Peru depends on geography. Coz throughout its territory and especially around the city around the Andes there are a good number of vegetables and fruits. These differences in height above sea level lead to the existence of various types of microclimates in the country and, with them, lands that can cultivate a wide range of raw materials.

Besides its proximity to the geographical equator, it is added to the particularity of its altitudinal floors and its coastline on the Pacific Ocean. Its cold waters and the currents of this great body of water are the ideal habitats for a good number of varieties of shellfish and fish that make Peru. One of the main fishing countries in the world.

In the ancient world, the central Peruvian Andes was one of the epicenters of plant domestication. From them come some species that are universal today, such as tomatoes, squash, custard apples, potatoes and their many varieties, corn, and others that are not so universal, but cannot be absent in influenced kitchens. for Latin American flavors, such as peanuts, cassava, avocado, beans, sweet potato, cassava, or quinoa, which are currently very popular. All of them are still present in its gastronomy.

Best Peruvian Gastronomy dishes

  • Pollo A La Brasa
  • Causa Limeña
  • Ceviche
  • Saltado
  • Picarones

Today Peruvian cuisine preserves much of the legacy left by those who inhabited the empire prior to the conquest and the set of dishes that emerged after it. If not totally, yes partly thanks to this assimilation of new techniques and new ingredients, old preparations currently survive, especially in the most rural areas of the country.


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