Pachamama Month in Peru

Peru celebrates the Earth Month or Pachamama Month in the high Andean communities since August 1st. The Andes are characterized by its deep cultural and folk legacy from the Inca and pre-Inca cultures. In their festivals, customs and traditions that continues since Inca times. Many people have a close bond with our Mother Earth (Pachamama in Quechua). For that reason, every August each family in Peru pays a tribute to the Mother Earth to request health,  money and living peacefully with their neighborhoods and social enviromentes in work and friends. Coz all natural resources are provide by Morther Earth and we always be grateful with her to lead us live over her lands.  Pachamama is our Mother Nature and she is everywhere, but we can find special places that the inhabitants consider sacred.

What is celebrated at Pachamama Month in Peru?

The majority of high Andean communities still have a deep dependence and connection with agriculture and that’s why August is the month in which people has more tribute to do with the land and living peacefully with their enviroment.

Who celebrates the Pachamama Month in Peru?

Pacha Mama

All Peru celebrates the ritual independently in their houses. Because it’s a common custom that came from our ancient culture that is so beneficial to all people in Peru. Into the ritual the peruvian ppl buy the best products to give thanks and the ingredients that we need to thank are: the coca leaf, an animal fetus (preferably an Andean animal), some coins, lliqlla (typical blanket with Inca motifs), alcoholic beverages (mostly wine or beer), cigarettes and food.






What does Pachamama mean?



To understand the meaning of the Quechua word “Pachamama” we must first break it down into its two parts: at one hand, we have  ‘Pacha’ which means earth, world, universe, time and at the second side we have ‘Mama’ which means Mother. Both words melted creates the meaning “Morther Word”.

Everything that exists on our planet especially in the Andean world has life. Nothing is inert in the Andean world, the stars, the universe, the moon and mainly the Sun have life. When there is a ceremony regardless everyone attends. The community members gather for dance, eat, drink and celebrate.



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