BoliviaLa Paz

La Paz also known as Chuquiago Marka. It’s a cosmopolitan city that has many contrasts like people, architecture, topography, and traditions.

Located in Bolivia northwest and its limits to the south are with Oruro, then to the east is with Beni and Cochabamba. For the west side with Peru and Chile. It has a height of 3600 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the Illimani peak.

Among the most emblematic places of this place are Chacaltaya, the moon valley, Copacabana, Witch market, the Ch’uwa Uma neighborhood, killi killi viewpoint, Madidi National Park, Murillo Square, Sorata, Caranavi, Irupana, Sagárnaga street, the devil’s tooth, the soul’s valley and more.

It has many cultural fusions and its gastronomy is also varied with salteñas, anticuchos, chairo from La Paz, pork fricassee, La Paz dish, lamb thimpu, Humacha cheese, wallake, ají de papalisa, ispi, jolke, api, the typical La Paz marraquetas, donuts and cheese cakes.

One detail about this place. When you travel here all credit cards are accepted but the economy is based on the country’s industries with business-like fast food or another kind of restaurants without seeing the foreign capital.

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