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Galapagos Island or Colón archipelago is a province of Ecuador located 972 kilometers on the west side of the Ecuadorian coast. The capital of these islands is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and it depends directly on the National Government.

Galapagos Island constitutes an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and is made up of 13 large volcanic islands, 6 smaller islands, and 107 rocks and islets. The formation of the first island would have taken place more than 5 million years ago as a result of tectonic activity during the formation of the earth. The youngest islands are Isabela and Fernandina and are still in the process of formation. The most recent volcanic eruption was in 2009.

This distance and the confluence of three great ocean currents (Humboldt, Panama, and Cromwell), which tend to push anything that floats away from the coast caused the archipelago to evolve for millions of years outside of the rest of the world.

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This place is known in the world as the “Enchanted Islands” and all are famous for their numerous endemic species that were used for the studies of Charles Darwin that establish his evolution theory by natural selection. In addition, the flora and fauna found on the Islands are practically unique.

Whoever arrives for the first time imagines that this catalog of endemic animals will surprise them. For example, the giant Galapagos give the islands their name, and they are the longest living thing on the planet, except for the trees, since they can live up to 150 years. They were on the verge of disappearing because the galleons took them away as long-lasting food; a kind of corned beef, but with legs and a shell, come on. Other peculiar beings are the marine iguanas, endemic to the islands. Which feed on algae and don’t stop spitting salt while they remain immobile for hours on the rocks.

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