Surrounded by orchids and habited by spectacular species such as the spatula-tailed hummingbird, the spectacled bear, and the mythical cock of the rocks. Amazonas has a special place in the Peruvian Amazon. This region is home to natural, cultural, and archaeological wonders that were unknown. Making it one of the favorite places for sightseeing and discovering stories, and more.

So now you know, if what you want is to be amazed at each step you take, by its magnificent natural settings and millenary history that it exposes for its visitors. Nothing in the world will be compared to taking a walk along the wet and cool trail while the sun tries to cover all holes left by the trees and reach all. At the end.

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Sun Gate Tours offers this tour by request. Depends on your customize travel we can do scheduled it with the best options that we have to offer you. Just contact us by email or whatsaap number and we glad to help you anytime!. Don’t hesitate to contact us and enjoy a journey with the most interesting landscapes and comfortable places.

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