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Salkantay Trek

Salkantay Trek

Many tourists don’t realize that the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is not the only option available when trekking to Machu Picchu. Placing all your bets on that one route is risky because the Peruvian government has placed limits on daily access because of excessive crowds. Travelers who have not booked their trips at least four months in advance should always have an alternative route in mind for when there are no permits left for the Inca Trail.

Salkantay trek offer a great alternative if that popular trek is sold out or unavailable. In fact, the gorgeous Salkantay trek is the top alternative to the Inca Trail. The Salkantay route to Machu Picchu is so intriguing because it offers opportunities for solitude and quiet contemplation in a sacred, secret place that is rich with lure and natural beauty.

The Salkantay trekking was named one of the 25 best treks in the world by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine. The best feature of this trail is that it is open to everybody. This means you won’t have to deal with the headaches of obtaining permits or complying with space limitations during your adventure. You can rest assured that this trail does not feel like second place as far as beauty and adventure are concerned. The trail seamlessly connects the fascinating city of Mollepata with Machu Picchu. The trek will place you on an ancient, remote footpath that bares witness to the marriage of snow-capped mountains and patches of tropical rain forest.

During your Salkantay trekking experience, you will venture through terrain that is both awe-inspiring and challenging. This trek will treat you to intimate views of glacier mountain peaks. You’ll be mystified by visions of fog floating around armies of massive boulders. The archaeologist within you will certainly come out each time you pass curious rock formations that seem to rise up to pierce the sky. You will be charmed by the way locals proudly live out their Andean heritage as they greet you along the path. Of course, one of the most scenic things you’ll encounter is the sight of cattle drives in remote mountain areas. You will see this and many more snapshots of a world forgotten by time and modernity with each step you take on this sacred and special route. Your journey will reach a high point when you stop at an enclosure called Llactapata. This stunning artifact was built on the mountain to face views of Machu Picchu.

We offer Salkantay trek that are designed to serve as alternatives to the traditional Inca Trail route. Treat yourself to an adventure off the beaten path that few ever get to experience. You’re sure to enjoy the added authenticity and privacy that this rare journey has to offer. Clear your calendar so you can enjoy an unforgettable journey into the clouds.

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