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Lares Trek

Lares Trek

Deep inside the snow-capped Andes, a beautiful valley of magical scenery and Incan legends waits to be discovered by you. Lares Valley mirrors the natural beauty of the famous Inca Trail. In fact you can expect to take in all of the mountain scenery you’re craving without the big crowds and long lines that are so commonly experienced on more popular trails. Due to its remote location, the Lares trek route looks exactly the same as it did when the Incas roamed its rocky terrain 500 years ago. This rarely visited gem offers a real glimpse into the lives of Andean farmers. You are almost certain to encounter native farmers escorting herds of llamas and alpacas while wearing their traditional garb and vibrant ponchos. The homes that line the valley are composed of stones and thatched roofing. The communities you encounter are sustained by the production of handmade textiles created using natural dyes and ancient craftsmanship.

As far as difficulty, the Lares trek is considered a moderate hike. It should be noted that the trail’s high altitude could affect individuals with certain health-related considerations. Based on our experience, it is advisable to purchase a wooden walking stick to make the journey easier. Please note that metal-tipped walking sticks are discouraged because they can leave an impact on the fragile environment of the trail. Lares trekking involves several days of walking. The trek begins at Huaran in the Sacred Valley of the Incas before climbing steeply as it reaches the remote community of Cancha Cancha. Your journey will take you past turquoise lakes around the area of Quishuarani. You will then reach Cuncani before ending your journey at ethereal thermal springs in Lares.

During your Lares trekking, you will have the company of a team that consists of horsemen, horses, a cook and an English-speaking guide. You have the freedom to walk at your own pace. We have designed our tours so that guides stay positioned at both the front and back of the line of trekkers. Your trek will be led by a seasoned guide with extensive historical and archaeological knowledge about the trail at your feet. Your cook and horsemen will be in charge of preparing three meals a day throughout the trek. These meals typically consist of the following:

  • Breakfast: Bread, Eggs, Tea and coffee
  • Lunch: Soup, Guacamole, Cheese, Tomato, Cold meats and rolls
  • Dinner: Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Meats

Our fully escorted journey along the Lares trek route is a similar grade to the Inca Trail trek route in terms of steepness. The total journey will include two nights of camping and one night in Aguas Calientes before you catch an early bus to Machu Picchu on the fourth day. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this comprehensive, enriching journey.

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