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RESPONSIBLE TRAVELERBecoming a Responsible Traveler

Sun Gate Tours is dedicated to preserving cultural values and a healthy environment which is advantageous for the local communities in terms of economy. Therefore, we ask all of our customers who travel with us, to carefully read our Traveler’s Code before they depart for their trips.

We are committed to providing a great and responsible traveling experience in terms of the environment, culture and society. We have termed this as ‘Responsible Travel.’ We request you to carefully read the terms on this page, and also to visit our ‘Responsible Travel ‘ section so that you can learn more about becoming a responsible traveler.

We believe that this code will help us in ensuring sustainability of all the places which you visit and it will even your overall traveling experience.
  1. Before leaving for your trip, you should be aware of the local culture and the traditions which are followed at the place where you are visiting. Please do spend some time and search for the unique cultural norms that are prevalent of the region where you are headed. This will serve as a great insight and can even help you in avoiding unwanted offense and embarrassment. If you are open and willing to learn about cultural differences that exist in your nation and others can really broaden your perspective. If you go through the notes in the Sun Gates Tours travel guidebook, you can get useful information about cultural sensitivities in your destination. All through your trip, please remember that your trip would not be that special had these differences not existed.
  2. Try to learn a few commonly used words and phrases in the local language so that you can communicate easily with the localities, thereby availing a better experience. Similarly, if you listen to the local music or read local literature, your trip will be more enjoyable.
  3. Support all business, restaurants and hotels that are local to the region. The same goes for all others which you would be availing. Eat traditional food, consume local brands, use the public transport or just walk along the roads. All this will help you in meeting the people who live there, and they can provide you with lots of fun and useful information about the place.
  4. Before you go anywhere, think carefully. We highly recommend you not to eat in those inns, visit those shows, or shop at those markets that promote cruelty or have endangered species.
  5. Do all your shopping from local artisans, and try to buy local products. All the imported items, you can easily get in your region, but the local ones you will not. So please prefer them more so as to keep the traditions alive. You can bargain if it is common in the place where you are visiting, but just keep in mind that an amount that may be small for you might be important for the seller.
  6. Follow the local environmental guidelines so that you can play your part in preserving resources. For instance, if the hotel where you are staying supports the re-usage of towels or sheets, try to follow it as much as you can. Remember to switch off the lights when you leave your room and turn off any equipment that is not being used. As an example, whenever you are not in your room, you can completely turn off the television instead of keeping it on standby and you can switch off the heating and air conditioning units instead of just lowering the temperature. Water is also considered precious so try not to waste it.
  7. If you ever visit a national park during your trip, walk on the predefined paths so that natural habitats can be preserved and the animals can remain undisturbed. Also avoid making unnecessary noise if you truly want to admire the sights and the natural peace and calmness that can be found popular in these areas.
  8. Keeping in mind the local standards, make sure your dressing is appropriate throughout the trip. If you visit religious places, dress modestly and if you dive in the pools or the beach, make sure your swim wear is acceptable at that place.
  9. In every region, there are different attitudes regarding bartering, tipping and begging, which you should be aware of so as to not offend anyone. Your guide can advise you more about these.
  10. Take permission from the individuals before you photograph them or make a video. Also make sure to provide them with a copy of it later.
  11. Do not just randomly give away money to beggars or gifts to people with whom you have just been acquainted with. Instead, support the community through a clinic or development project because that might be more useful.
  12. Respect and care for the surroundings as much as you can. Avoid picking flowers, littering the place or cluttering it unnecessarily. Try to recycle anything that can be re-used so that the environment remains clean, unpolluted and healthy.
  13. Make sure to only leave your footprints behind. Take care of the environment like you take care of your own residence. For instance, you can use other alternatives instead of the regular plastic bags. Similarly, do not throw off cigarette butts everywhere but store them in a portable container.
  14. When you come back to your own home, extend your support to organization that aim at protecting the environment, welfare and culture of where you visited.
  15. Fill our post trip questionnaire and provide us with feedback regarding our responsible practices. This would help us a lot in improving our travel initiatives and offered services.
  16. Smile a lot and have plenty of fun.
  17. At Sun Gate Tours, we strive to maintain that the fact that our clients improve a destination rather than leaving it worse off. Please cooperate with us and help us acquire our goal while you enjoy your trip. Your efforts shall be greatly appreciated.

SUSTAINABLE CERTIFICATIONSOur International Certifications

We have implemented a Sustainable Management System under the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) for Tour Operators.
Rainforest Alliance Certified
TourCert Certified


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